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Sanasar Jammu & Kashmir

Positioned at an altitude of the year 2050 metres above sea level, simply 17 kms from Patnitop, Sanasar is one of the remotest areas of Jammu and Kashmir State, India. Owing on the awe-inspiring natural environment involving forests and meadows, Sanasar would be the aero-adventure-sports capital with the Jammu region having to it is credit Rock-climbing, Abseiling, Paragliding, Parasailing and Hot-air ballooning. Sanasar is a sports activities-adventurists’ paradise as one obtains an avenue for learning along with practicing these rare and skilled sports.

Sanasar derives its brand from two small lakes inside the neighbourhood – ‘Sana’ & ‘Sar’ and seriously isn’t a typical town per se – which is probably why one won’t find it on an online map but Sanasar is an extremely popular adventure-sports destination associated with India nevertheless.

Sanasar, also known as a ‘mini Gulmarg’ pretty much offers Gulmarg-like qualities – it is in a moderate elevation allowing the two Summer and Winter adventurous pursuits. Sanasar, basically a cup-formed green Meadow which is encompassed by tall imposing Cedars offers an enchanting view and experience regarding nature in all its honor.
Exploiting the lush green insurance coverage – which is just right for the royal and prestigious sport – The game of golf, a part of Sanasar been specifically developed as a Golf Course open for tourists to test their hand at it. The actual Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Team promotes and controls adventure athletics in Sanasar and provides the sports gear as well in case you want to indulge in the particular sports. Summer temperatures between twelve-20 degrees Celsius provide a great ambience conducive for these venture sports and also make these enjoyable.

Best Time To see: May-June and September-October.  Sanasar, the mini Gulmarg and another of the remotest region of India, is a wonderful hill station in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The townspeople is built in a cup-shaped meadow surrounded by mammoth conifers. Recently, it has been recently developed as a golf training course for its tourists. While viewing Sanasar, you are provided possibilities for paragliding, parasailing and horse riding also. All these adventure activities are controlled by J&Thousand government authorities. The place can be a paradise for those who desire to explore their latent sporting state of mind and sportsmanship. It is specially famous for the wide range of sporting activities.

Adventure Sports:  Because in their in-built characteristic of high level of danger, certain sports which involve height, speed, depth, special maneuverability and other uncontrollable environmental facets, are grouped as Adventure Sports. Primarily because athletes are not just competing against each other but additionally against elements of nature for example gravity, wind-speed, speed involving water rapids etc., these sports are termed ‘Extreme’ and require a certain level of training earlier embarking upon them. Water athletics include free-diving, scuba-snorkeling, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and territory sports include cliff-climbing, skateboarding-boarding, extreme-skiing, car-race, whereas air sports include bungee jumping, paragliding, and sky-diving. And also Sanasar is home to handful of such adventure sports.

Paragliding:  Paragliding is a ‘free-style’ traveling sport where the flyer or perhaps the pilot is suspended by a versatile harness underneath two layers associated with strong, high-performance, non-permeable fabric modeled into wings or even canopy connected by a circle of high-performance strings utilizing the ‘Whippletree’ mechanism of perhaps distribution of force throughout the particular glider. You would be surprised to know that this higher-tech gliding aircraft was initially designed in 1500 AD because of the renowned Renaissance Italian painter carver engineer – Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo had also designed the helicopter but did not develop the resources to test and put into action his drafts 500 years agone. But today, we enjoy their masterpieces with utmost ease thanks to all the technological advancements because his time.

At Sanasar, you will discover mostly ‘Tandem Hand-gliders’ that are meant to carry both this pilot and a passenger at one time. The trained and experienced L&K TDC gliders would coach you on gliding technique together with landing technique before taking away from. The paragliding flights will commence at the parking lot in Sanasar and land at Kud and last between 20 minutes to an hour depending within the wind speed and wind way, giving a breathtaking aerial survey of the green-scapes. Infact it makes you want to keep up in the air for a longer time. The shorter flight flies over the Sanasar Lake and lands inside meadows close by. The stature attained by the paraglider within 200 feet max before the idea starts to descend to land. The organizers also take your current video-footage of paragliding airfare from take-off till you’re still visible mid-air – capturing the most hallmark mountain memories.

Palaver Ballooning:  Hot-air-ballooning can be a new-found craze among tourists. Though the first hot air flow balloon flight transported humans within October 1783 – invented by The french language inventor-brothers – Joseph Michel as well as Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier, it was only in 1960 that a current hot air balloon was developed and built by Ed Yost of Nebraska, USA. In the last centuries when people were looking to keep out of sight as a result of impending wars, hot air balloons were supposed to arrive at their rescue. Today it’utes a recreational sport where 1 gets to enjoy an ethereal view of the area becoming traversed. Photographers experiment with numerous shutter speeds from the go up.

Also introduced in Sanasar is definitely camping which is promoted because of the J&K Tourism Department. Camping out Gear is available on book from J&K TDC.